A conversation I have every so often goes something like this:

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Some Guy, to women in general: Women should care more about what I say. Women should do what I want them to do, because I understand how the world works and they don't. Also, why are you so concerned with consent and privilege? Plus, your ways of protesting are all wrong. A really good way to protest is by taking off your shirts like these hot Ukranian ladies like to do. They're called Femen. You should google them.

Me: Oh, fergodssake, shut up, you mansplaining douche.

Random Offended Person
: THAT'S MEAN! What you just said is MEAN! I don't like your tone! Don't you know how to be nice? Men like NICE ladies! Don't you want men to like you?

Me: Yeah, I wasn't nice. I think that it's sometimes OK to be rude and mean to someone who has been rude and mean first, particularly when someone is being rude and mean about the efforts of others to to end oppression. And no, I don't honestly care much if you like me. I don't like you, after all. You patronize and insult women.

Random Offended Person: What the hell is WRONG with you?! What planet do you live on? It's NEVER OK to be mean to someone who has been mean to you first! That's what little kids do--they say, "He started it!" You have to be nice! You have to be civil! Plus I wasn't as mean to you as you were to me, you stupid horrible bitch! Grow up! Get some therapy! Do whatever it takes to start believing, like all decent people do, that you must NEVER be rude to someone just because they've been mean to you first!

Me: Actually, you don't believe that at all. You believe that if someone pisses you off, you're entitled to be just as awful to them as you want, as you have just demonstrated so thoroughly. You just lack the honesty and self-awareness to admit it.

Random Offended Person: ....

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