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Some Guy, to women in general: Women should care more about what I say. Women should do what I want them to do, because I understand how the world works and they don't. Also, why are you so concerned with consent and privilege? Plus, your ways of protesting are all wrong. A really good way to protest is by taking off your shirts like these hot Ukranian ladies like to do. They're called Femen. You should google them.

Me: Oh, fergodssake, shut up, you mansplaining douche.

Random Offended Person
: THAT'S MEAN! What you just said is MEAN! I don't like your tone! Don't you know how to be nice? Men like NICE ladies! Don't you want men to like you?

Gentle Reminder

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Being held accountable for belonging to a movement that has advocated the extermination of whole segments of humanity is not equal to being one of the people the first group sought to exterminate.


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