I Didn't Just BELIEVE This Would Happen; I KNEW It

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The Book of Mormon won nine of the 14 Tonys it was nominated for--and of course it won the big one, best musical. Watch this, my favorite song from the show, and you should know why:

Put it on full screen and notice all the things they get right: for instance, the name tag is exactly right, the garment sleeves are too (though they don't get the neck right). And the hair! The bangs that could stand straight up but instead project straight out! Is that a BYU haircut or what? It was EVERYWHERE in 1988; these days it's most common in Provo. (Which is a shame, because I actually like that haircut.) But most of all, Andrew Rannells has the expressions and mannerisms of a 19-year-old Mormon boy who wants to believe--and, for a moment, believes he can.

ITTY BITTY SPOILER ALERT. DON'T READ THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE ONE ACTION IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THIS SONG. But if you do want to know, here it is: General Butt-fucking Naked and his men take that Book of Mormon Elder Price is clutching so lovingly, and they shove it up his ass. You see Elder Price in a hospital gown, crouched uncomfortably, while a giant x-ray shows the BOM firmly lodged in his colon. When he next appears on stage, he's limping and carrying a shit-covered BOM in a ziplock bag.

Genius, I tell you. Genius.

I'm bummed that Rannells didn't win best lead actor. Nor did Rory O'Malley win "best actor in a featured role" for his performance as Elder McKinley, the "openly closeted" district leader. Bu Nikki M. James won "best actress in a featured role" for her performance as Nabulungi.

And check out Trey Parker thanking co-writer Joseph Smith at the end of this clip:

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He got the TONY!!! Yay!! And several wives in heaven. What a lucky SOB.


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