It Arrived!


Of course I knew that The Book of Mormon soundtrack was available to download last week, but the thing is, I wanted an actual cd with a case and liner notes, even if all that stuff did cost four whole extra dollars. (The same friend who likes to tease me about my quaint twentieth-century technology also thinks it's amusing that I buy books and CDs and keep them out where I can touch and look at and use them.) So when the album could be downloaded, I just went ahead and pre-ordered the cd, even though it wasn't going to be released until June 7. I knew I wanted it, so why wait?

Friday I got a notice that it had shipped. I thought, that's odd, since it won't be released for two and a half more weeks.

But look what I got in the mail today!


It's so lovely! The insert has all the lyrics and lots of pretty pictures.


There's a photo of Elder Price with blood all over his shirt after General Butt-Fucking Naked shoots a guy in the face at close range for daring to assert that the general had no business insisting that all the women in the village be circumcised. There's a picture of white guys dressed entirely in white singing "I Am Africa." There's a picture of Nabulungi, enraptured by hope, singing "Sal Tlay Ka Citi." There are lots of photos of smiling missionaries.

And the songs just sound so much better than they do played on Youtube, which is how I've been listening to them lately. :-)

Plus it arrived just in time for a road trip I'm taking tomorrow, with a friend who has yet to hear the entire soundtrack, so life is good.


I'm jealous!! It looks great!

I can't wait to get a copy! I haven't bothered to order it yet because a lot of times it's not possible to get US-specific media shipped to Europe -- or it becomes available only later than in the US. But maybe I'll try. It's listed on, and they claim it ships on the 7th of June (same as the US site was claiming).

Can't hurt--the worst that could happen is that the credit card company would have to refund your money.

I'm hoping to see the show in the fall. I haven't heard anything but raves but I've resisted searching out the music or anything so it'll all be exciting and new!


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