Some Call That Zion; He Calls That "Social Justice"

Watch this, watch this, watch this. It's by my friend Troy, and it gave me hope at a time when I find it frankly hard to come by. On top of which I laughed; I cried; it was better than Cats.

As Troy says:

Why is this worthwhile, for activists to engage faith communities? Imagine if other progressive groups in Utah were as effective in engaging the Church as the gays? What if Mormons were having Sunday school lessons on environmental stewardship? What if Mormon magazines shared stories about the economic reasons why Latinos migrate to our country illegally? What is the Church used their influence to speak out against war and imperialism with the same passion that they spoke out against gay marriage? Utah would be a very different state. Idaho and Arizona, which also have large Mormon populations, would also become very different states.
It may seem like an impossible goal, but why not empower and embolden those sympathetic voices within the Church to stand for justice as part of their religious convictions?

Originally posted at States of Devotion, a terrific new "interactive forum for news, analysis and opinion-making about religion and politics in the Americas."


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