Very Bad Indeed

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I have been suffering pretty severe anxiety all week, and it's the government's fault.

I'm scared.

This morning I got up and did my standard morning routine of checking out the news. All week I've been hooked on Rachel Maddow's analysis of the seemingly inevitable government shutdown. This clip from last night's show had me trembling and nauseated before it was even over:

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Then I read this op-ed by Paul Krugman. (I'm going to make sure I save enough of my free visits to the NYTimes now that they've created a paywall that I can still read everything Krugman writes.) And by the end of it I thought I would lose my breakfast.

I posted a link to Krugman's piece on FB, then posted this as my status:

Holly wonders how much worse it can get and fears the answer is "A LOT."

Yeah. I think things can get Very Bad Indeed.

And then I added a couple of comments:

I don't think there's actually such a thing as "rock bottom," at least not in any meaningful way. Unless you're being tortured by someone whose end goal is to kill you, things can always be more unendurably horrible than they already are.


that's the kind of happy person I've always been. FYI.

Anyone have anything good happen this week?

eta: OK, here's one good thing in my life: I just got a new shower head. It's shiny and free of calcium and supported by a nice high neck so my tall house guests can shower without ducking.

That's one good thing about me: at the same time I excel at envisioning worst-case scenarios, I'm also super good at milking very small pleasures for all they're worth.

And now I'm going to go drink some warm milk, which is about the only thing I'm able to consume right now.

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Holly, I'm sorry that my post added to your anxiety! Or at least sure didn't help!

Good things: I planted pansies for myself today. I also joined a big group of people to garden for a friend who is going through a terrible time. We planted some pansies there too.

My tomato seedlings are popping up vigorously.


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