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First Snow


Few things are as delicious as a good night's sleep.

Especially if you're an insomniac.

Especially if the view you awaken to (rested, comfortable, and able to see, since it's not the middle of the night) outside your bedroom window is this:


Especially if you got to enjoy a really sweet dream involving Stephen Colbert. OK, at one point both of you fell off the bed, but after that you climbed back on and he showed you this incredibly gorgeous and intricate afghan crocheted for him by a fan.

Really, a fabulous way to start a day.

I Went Ahead and Made My Day

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Cleaning out my fridge last week, I found some yogurt slightly past its prime. It didn't smell funky, but it had gotten a bit runny. I debated throwing it out, but I hate wasting stuff. So I tried to think of a way to make it more palatable.

In my cupboards I have some of that chocolate powder for flavoring milk. It occurred to me that it might work in yogurt as well, since it's made to dissolve in liquid dairy products.

Turns out it does, and it tastes pretty darn good. It works so well to flavor yogurt that I'm surprised the manufacturers don't tell you this on the package--I can't be the first person to have thought of it.

If you ever have to convince a reluctant kid to eat yogurt after a course of antibiotics, this could be a good way to do it.

Catholic Rant

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the fact that I didn't grow up Catholic does not prevent me in any way from considering this freakin' genius.

h/t Life as a Reader

This New Commandment


Dear Readers: This post has a gooey caramel center, but before I present it, let me make some general comments. If you don't want to read them, please skip to second half, because what I say there really matters to me.

Not surprisingly, my blog has become more Mormony since I moved to SLC. It's partly the constant reminders--the balcony of my stairwell is level with Moroni atop the temple, and I have a clear view of him every time I walk down the stairs--and partly that I can't help but be more familiar with certain elements of Mormon politics. I guess it's not just moving here--it's also Facebook, where I have lots of liberal and post-Mormon friends who post links to the latest crappy or interesting thing going on in Mormonland. I blog so much about Mormonism, in fact, that I sometimes fear I'm going to drive all my no-mo readers away. So if you're a no-mo reader, thanks for sticking with me. I promise to blog about something besides religion at least twice before 2010 ends.

In some ways it has been healing to be so familiar with churchy stuff. I used to find it really stressful to visit Temple Square (or Temple Rectangle as someone pointed out it should be called) but now it's just a place in my neighborhood with pretty gardens. But during weeks like this.... well, it has been a mixed bag.

This week, for instance, there was the BKP shit to deal with.

But there was also the protest in response, on October 7.

I was there. I walked down the street to Temple Rectangle and joined somewhere between 600 (police estimates) and 4,500 (organizer estimates) other protesters.* I saw families. I saw babies. I saw not that many people I knew. (Where WERE you guys? I know some of you had class or stuff, but what was up with the rest of you?) I hung with the Urban Koda and two of his offspring for a while.

Mostly I hung with my friend Sara, an atheist Unitarian with a strong sense of justice and a fascination with Mormons.


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It's been a shitty week in Mormonland. If you aren't Mormon and don't pay attention to Mormon crap, you might be one of the lucky people who didn't hear all about the horrible, horrible speech by nasty bully Boyd K. Packer, who is currently A) second in command at LDS Inc and B) so old that he can't stand behind his bully pulpit but instead has to be pushed up to it in a wheelchair. You can find out all about his speech on Main Street Plaza--I don't want to embed the video here, because that will mean that I have BKP's face on my blog.

It has been hard for me to parse why Packer's talk upset me so. It was just more of the same sort of mean-spirited rhetoric he has spouted for decades, delivered not in the thundering tones of a fire-and-brimstone preacher (even though that's what he really is) but in the ponderous, flat cadence cultivated by Mormon leaders. (note: that cadence is really weird. It's supposed to make them sound reasonable or something, I think, but it just makes them all sound formulaic and DULL.) It was as self-righteously ignorant and devoid of facts as his stuff usually is. There was the usual dose of paranoia. Etc.

All of which, of course, is supposed to be a message FROM God conveyed BY BKP. Yeah, that nasty old bully speaks for God--for a really nasty old bully God. I know that already. So why was this speech so awful?


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