Why You Should Be My Facebook Friend


If you know my real name, even if I don't know yours, and you're on Facebook, you should friend me. Why? Main reason: I'm funny there. The interplay of personalities gives me many opportunities to crack jokes, some of which are pretty darn good.

Here, for example, is a video posted yesterday by my FBF Peter, and the exchange it prompted:

My first comment:

I wonder if the guy helped himself climb by singing songs by that one gay piano dude Stevie Wonder? Wait--I mean blind piano dude.

Seriously: how does anyone tell gay people and blind people apart? I haven't figured out a foolproof system. I mean, ANYONE could be gay. Unless they tell you themselves, or you find out from others they've slept with and stuff, it's not like you just KNOW. And the blind people I've known personally were pretty much regular people too.

It's like that gay poet John Milton said: "The mind is its own place, and in itself/ Can make a gay person blind, and a blind person gay."

Peter's friend James then wrote: It's not fair. We should make them wear pink triangles or gigantic sunglasses or something.

Peter then mentioned (The gay seer of Thebes.)

and I commented: Speaking of Thebes--isn't that how Oedipus atoned for sleeping with his mother? By becoming gay? that's the result of the oedipal complex, right? You want to sleep with BOTH your parents, partly because you can't see well enough to tell them apart?

Much enjoyment was had by all.

Please join my FB party, and the fun. I promise I won't out your blogging identity if you share it there.


OK, done. Now I expect you to deliver on the funny now. :)

OK, done. Now I expect you to deliver on the funny now. :)

Ah, crap. I knew someone was going to say that to me.

Did you know that deaf people are racists?

I'll never be able to fly wihtout laughing again.

Matt--this was hysterical. Thanks for sharing.

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