I'll Believe They're Servants When They Change Their Names


At Sunstone (which was amazing! The best symposium EVER!) I got into a discussion about whether the leaders of the Mormon church were wielders of power or servants. The model at the Community of Christ are that the people who hold leadership positions are supposed to serve through those positions. They minister. They're not just authority figures.

The argument was then made that the same is true of the leaders of the COJCOLDS.

But it's not true.

What's the name for the men in the positions of power in the church? They're general AUTHORITIES. I'll believe they're servants when they change their names to general SERVANTS.

They don't serve. They authorize. They impose policy. They are the prime shapers and beneficiaries of the power structure, and WE are THEIR servants. And that's the way they want it.


Holly, I too felt this was the best symposium ever.

I'm also really glad that members of the Community of Christ participate. Over the years, I've developed some friendships with COC people there, and have learned to repent of the snotty attitude that most LDS have toward the COC (or at least had when I was growing up).

Hi John--I agree with you about the CofC people--they're really an inspiration, and we're very lucky that they've signed on to Sunstone and are willing to minster to us there. We very much need the lessons they have to teach us.

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