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The worst illness I've had in years coincided with my mother's death. Travel arrangements were complicated by the fact that I was too sick to fly after I went to meet my mother's doctor at the Mayo Clinic, which actually worked for the best since it meant I couldn't leave my parents' house when I'd planned and instead was there when my mother collapsed and entered the final phase of her illness.

But it still really sucked to have a head so full of phlegm that I couldn't get on a plane without my eardrum bursting. I had a chest infection, an eye infection, and both a middle and inner ear infection. God, it was AWFUL, though admittedly not as bad as liver failure.

I finally resorted to antibiotics to clear it all up, which I don't like doing because I'm allergic to a lot of them. I also tried every home remedy I'd ever used successfully in the past. My favorite was hot water with lots of lemon, ginger and honey. It's not surprising that I would like that, since I love ginger beer, which is basically the same thing except served carbonated and cold.

I almost bought a four-pack of Reed's Ginger Beer the other day at the grocery store. It's been so hot, and a cold, crisp ginger ale is really refreshing.... but Reed's is a bit pricey and I'm trying to economize. Then it occurred to me to me to wonder: could I make my own?

So here's what I did:

  • bought about a four-inch long and one-inch wide piece of ginger root, diced it up, and boiled it in a couple of quarts of water until it was thoroughly gingery
  • Chilled the liquid that resulted
  • Squeezed a couple of limes into it
  • Added honey, which was a mistake. it wouldn't dissolve because the water was cold. If I want to use honey, I'll have to add it when the liquid is still hot
  • Added sugar, which dissolved. Not that much, though, because I prefer tart citrus to sweet citrus

I imagine you could boil the ginger liquid for longer, make it more concentrated, and add sparkling water.

If you try it, let me know what you think.


For an option try

Very cool, Parker! thanks.

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