Door to Door for Darwin

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Four years ago I posted a link to this great video from John Safran, about how annoyed he is when the Mormons bash on his door before noon at a Saturday, 'cause he might have been out dancing to "Yaz and the Plastic Population" the night before. It was a great video, and I laughed really hard, especially when he got on a plane and came to Salt Lake City so he could go proselytizing with a copy of Origin of Species. But apparently it violated some copyright, so Youtube took it down. Mercifully, however, someone just posted a link to another video site on my facebook page, so I can post a new link too! But just in case this is a rogue uploading as well, you better watch it FAST.

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I'd be satisfied if the door-to-door mormons stopped sending 11 year-old boys with the honorific "elder" on their tags. If I have shoes older than you, I am unlikely to be converted to a church in which you are considered an elder, junior. Run along now.

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