The Darkness Behind the Paintings of Light

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OK,first a correction: I assumed, because of his popularity in Utah and his horrible aesthetic, that the so-called painter Thomas Kincade was Mormon. He's not. He belonged to the Church of the Nazarene. My bad.

Second, turns out he's a complete asshat: mean, crazy and prone to substance abuse! We're talking someone who peed on a Winnie-the-Pooh statue in Anaheim and then declared, "This one's for you, Walt."

When I posted the link to the Salon story on Facebook, one of my friends provided a link to this site spoofing Kincade's work. It's all pretty great, but you must check out the third one down on page 7. The closest I've been to ROFLMAO in a long, long time was after I saw that.

It's just so nice to see this guy, the Ayn Rand of painting (meaning, ridiculously popular despite the fact that they're soulless hacks who produce nothing but the most revolting crap, both ideologically and aesthetically speaking), getting the sort of attention he deserves.

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