Happy 101 Sweet Friends


For the first time in ages, I have been tagged in a meme, courtesy of Therese of Strange Violin Music.

The meme is called "Happy 101 Sweet Friends" and requires you to list ten things that make your day.

So, in no particular order:

1. Having written. This is a reference to Dorothy Parker's statement that "I hate writing. I love having written." These days, that's really, really true.

2. Seeing a saguaro cactus, in real life or even in a picture. They're just such weird plants, you know? Such cool examples of evolution at its finest, of a species adapting in really unique and funky ways to a very harsh environment. I freakin' love them. Plus they remind me of home.

3. Unhappy Hipsters. It is the one and only thing on the web that actually makes me Laugh Out Loud on a regular basis.

4. Arranging an itinerary for a really cool trip, which I haven't done in a really long time.

cap2.jpg 5. Knitting. Both the actual process of making stitches on a needle, and then seeing the finished project. In other words, I love knitting; I love having knitted. Here's what I did over the weekend. I started it back at the beginning of March, but got sidetracked when my mom was dying. Now I've finished it just in time to stick it in a cupboard for five months. But it's pretty cute, isn't it?

6. Waking up at a decent hour after a solid night's sleep. (Insomnia sucks.)

7. Retiring with minty-fresh teeth and squeaky clean hair, to a bed with freshly laundered sheets, in a clean room in a clean house, then waking up the next morning to a spotless kitchen with nothing at all in the sink or on the sideboards. (In other words, I hate cleaning house. I love having cleaned house.)

8. Reconnecting with old friends, or making new ones. I joined Facebook partly in the hopes of finding three particular friends--actually the three non-Mormon guys I hung out with in high school. Any Mormon I wanted to find from high school, I could, but the no-Mos--well, I needed the universe to help me with that. And sure enough, last October, the one I was most anxious to find joined Facebook.... Currently, also because of Facebook, I'm in the midst of establishing a genuine friendship with someone I knew only slightly in college. It's pretty awesome.

9. Stuff that smells good, especially orange blossoms, lilacs, hyacinths, roses, lavender, basil, rosemary, as well as wood smoke, the desert after it rains, rich clean freshly upturned earth, Chanel #5.

10. Seeing my work in print, and finding out that it has been meaningful to someone. I got a phone call last night from a 78-year-old guy in Washington State who told me he was so moved and intrigued by an essay I wrote suggesting that the point of the final judgment (if such an event is to occur) is not for God to forgive us but for us to forgive God, that he had to call me, as it was clear I thought about things that matter, and thought about them carefully. I was a little taken aback, especially at first, that he'd track down my phone number and call me at my house, but we actually had a nice conversation, and I felt like I'd accomplished something meaningful.

OK. There are my ten things. But I am not going to tag anyone because a good portion of the bloggers I read have already done this meme, or else their blogs are private, or they haven't posted in months and are probably too busy to do this right now. I'll just say that if you are one of the people who hasn't done this meme yet, well, it's fun, so consider doing it.


Great list!!

I wasn't really big on memes a few years ago when they were all the rage, but now that they're a little more rare, they're fun on occasion. ;)

I'm glad to see this one has come around to you. :D

Holly, I was so glad you did this ... I especially appreciated the "having written" and "having cleaned the house" bits as they rang so true for me too!

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