A Totally Cool Artist I'd Never Heard of

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I had to pick up a book at the SLC Library this morning and while I was there, partly out of envy for a friend who's currently doing the museum scene in NYC and partly on a whim, I headed up to the library's art gallery to see what was on display. I'm very glad I did, because what's there is super cool.

It's the work of Edie Roberson, who has been a Utah artist since she moved here to teach at the UofU in the 1960s. Back when I was taking poetry writing classes, a term of vague praise that got tossed around a lot was "whimsy." There is considerable whimsy in these paintings, and I absolutely dig it. I liked all of it, but I was particularly charmed by Out on a Knight Like This.

The coolest thing for me personally about this display is that I caught it in time to find out that there's a reception for the artist this Saturday at the library at 4 p.m. Before that, from 3 to 4 p.m., you can meet and talk to her. I have to go.

it's part of the SLC Arts Festival; the Tribune had a write-up of it, here.

If you're in northern Utah and you don't already have plans for the weekend, you should check this out.

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