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I'm pleased to announce that I have an essay in the forthcoming issue of Bitch. The print version won't be out until March, but the online version is already up. I'm not going to link to it here, because as I've mentioned, my blog is semi-anonymous, meaning I try to keep my last name out of it, even though I know most of my readers know who I am. If you want to read the piece in Bitch (and I hope you do), just go to the magazine's website and look for the preview of the next issue.

Also: Two of my entries from 2009 have been nominated for Brodies* at Main Street Plaza! The Priesthood is Magic is nominated in the "best LDS gender roles discussion" category while Mormon Alumni Association is up for "best life beyond Mormonism post."

I am proud of both entries, though I admit to being especially pleased by the recognition of the post on the Mormon Alumni Association, since that is an idea that has gained some traction in post-Mormondom in general.

Anyway, if you feel so inclined, please read or reread the various nominations, and vote! Polls close February 22.

*The awards are named after Fawn Brodie, who wrote No Man Knows My History, the first non-hagiographic biography of Joseph Smith. The book has irritated believing Mormons no end ever since its publication in 1945, because although Brody admired Joseph Smith enormously, she concluded from her research that most of his claims were false.

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this link - I found this anti-feminism website this morning. I thought it would be appropriate to mention given your article.

I hope the link shows up okay...

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