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OK. Here's the thing. Some celebrities, having been inspired by President Obama's request that we all work to make this country a better place, went and made this SHOCKING video, in which they pledge to do things like work to be better mentors to children and conserve water. You can watch it here:

And the PTA of Eagle Bay Elementary School in Farmington, UT, decided to show this video to the kids at the beginning of the year.

And boy oh boy are some parents and various right-wing wackos PISSED, according to an article in the Deseret News.

OK, there are some silly pledges, like Anthony Kiedis saying that he pledges "allegiance to the funk, to the united funk of funkadelica," which some dumb bitch named Jennifer Cieslewicz from Kaysville says is "unAmerican. It's disrespectful." Apparently she doesn't want her children to find out at school that some things are unAmerican or disrespectful, since it's not the school's job to promote patriotism or respect--as she also comments, "Values are to be taught in the home-not the school."

I admit I was a bit jarred by the pledge to "serve President Obama," given that he is following too closely in W's footsteps. I wish that had been left out. But I don't think it renders the whole video unworthy of my attention. I was moved by some of the pledges, which were, by and large, pretty general. I understood that these were other people's pledges. I didn't feel I had to adopt them all. But apparently Eagle Forum et al don't trust their kids to understand that. No--their kids are just TOO INTELLECTUALLY DELICATE to be exposed to other people's visions for a better country.

In the comments about the article, people ask things like, "What if the video showed Tom Selleck saying 'I pledge to support the Second Amendment by encouraging more people to get handguns to defend themselves.'"

Well, gee! First of all, that pledge is much more specific than most of the pledges in this video. But propaganda that blatant and militaristic was something we all encountered in from 2001-2008, and some of us managed to deal with it without going apeshit. I remember talking to my high school students about the very pro-war videos that got shown, courtesy of some news organization, every morning in the high school where I taught in spring 2003.

It's moments like these when I'm REALLY to live in the small island of blue that is SLC, instead of being adrift in the nasty ocean of red that is the rest of Utah.

And I'm also dreading what sort of google ads will turn up on my blog when all these references to Eagle Forum and the Second Amendment show up.... oh well.


I think I'm going to have to step back from politics for a little while. I just can't take the stupidity and ignorance, and right now I just don't have the emotional and mental reserves needed for it. The ONLY response I can muster at this point is, "YOU. ARE. SO. FUCKING. STUPID." (Those parents, not you.) And I'm pretty sure that's not going to bring anyone around to my side.

I came to this conclusion when my sister called me to say happy birthday and we got in a "discussion" (read: awkwardly polite disagreement) about gay marriage. And it was totally my fault - I brought it up. (No, I didn't call her fucking stupid. Even though she is.)

How do you deal with ignorance like that? How can you deal with it in a way that doesn't alienate them? When I figure that out, I'd love to get back into it. As it is...god, reading about this kind of bullshit just makes me TIRED.

I'm with Rebecca--I am just having a difficult time dealing with the stupidity I'm encountering. At times I think I must be the stupid one because I can't see the logic in opposition to the pledge video, Obama encouraging students to take advantage of their education, and above all opposition to health care reform. It leaves me heartsick.

Hi Rebecca and Parker--

I have the same response to the stupidity and ignorance. Of course I'm also really angry at Obama right now, and the fact that he's asking the people who got him elected to "be good soldiers" and support him even as he fails to get healthcare reform. I don't know how to react to all of this.

As for the ads on your blog, right now there are three for meeting Mormon singles, and one inviting us all to "feel at home in Nauvoo."

Is it that there are that many more stupid people in this country, or that they are ruder and yell louder than the smart ones?

You would not believe the stuff I hear said in public here in rural Wyoming. Two years ago, in Bush's America (sorry, that should be "'Murika"), comments like I'm hearing every day (concerning guns and who they would be aimed at) would have been rewarded with a visit from the FBI. I can hardly stand to go out any more.


Your comment reminds me of this piece by Erica Jong discussing how "If you have two partners--and one is sane and the other crazy," it will always be the crazy one--"the one who screams the loudest"--who wins. She says this is what is going on with the healthcare debate, and I have to say, she seems right to me.

Thanks for the dose of sanity here, Holly. Tired, yes, so much so that I want to curl-up and sleep. Just sleep.

Hi M--thanks for stopping by. Speaking of a "dose of sanity," have you (or anyone) seen Matt Taibbi's piece in the new Rolling Stone on the healthcare debate? "Tired" doesn't even cover how it makes me feel, mostly because I think Taibbi is right.

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