Shoes I Wore to Sunstone


As I've mentioned, I own lots of shoes. Unfortunately, I don't always wear many of them--I tend to wear the same four or five pair, all of them practical and unremarkable, almost every day.

So I decided that during Sunstone, I'd wear some shoes that hadn't been out of my closet in a while. The first such pair was this one.


I hardly ever wear these sandals, and the reason is that I love them and want them to last as long as I do. So far, they're doing pretty well on that front. They are the oldest pair of shoes I own, purchased 28 years ago in the long-since defunct College Shop, just south of Steinfeld's Department Store in the old El Con Mall. Even though they're comfortable and good for walking, I don't wear them if I'm going to be doing a lot of walking, because one strap is getting a little fragile, and I've already been told any repairs could be unsightly. I really really love them, and I even store them in the original box they came in.

On Friday I wore these:

red peep toe.jpg

In case you can't tell, they're red patent leather with four-inch heels. Yes, they are totally trashy. For obvious reasons, I don't wear them if I'll be doing much walking or standing. But it was very fun to wear such trollopy shoes when I was sitting sedately through discussions of Mormonism and knitting a wool socks on double-pointed needles.

The final pair I wore was these mustard yellow babies, which I've written about already.

If I follow the trend and sport any more funky footwear, I'll let you know. Most likely, though, it's back to the same four or five pair of comfortable, practical nondescript shoes with cushioning and lows heels I wear as a general rule.


Oh my gosh those red shoes. You certainly have the feet and ankles to carry those off.

Thanks, Juti!

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