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I have so much to report--I spent most of last week at Sunstone, and it was FABULOUS! I will write more about it, when I've had a chance to recover.... In the meantime, please take a moment to appreciate the splendor that is my new blog design, courtesy, as always, of my friend Jim.

This update was long overdue. One reason I had gotten fairly lax about posting is that I had grown to HATE the old design--the color scheme, the artwork, EVERYTHING. Also there were weird problems with comment submission, and my category archives had somehow disappeared when we updated the software. This new and improved design takes care of some of those nasty problems, though I still don't have a blog roll.... I am going to work on that.

The photo in the banner is of my beloved Mount Graham, taken by me on Reay Lane just south of the Gila River in November 2007. It's not quite to scale--it had to be stretched a little to fit the space. But you get the idea of what it really looks like: this big cool lumpy mountain rising off the floor of the desert, overlooking cotton fields and a few small towns. it makes me happy to look at the photo--I hope you like it too.


Oh, Holly, I'd been reading you entirely on Google Reader, which has the sad side effect that I tend only to lurk (though I never miss a post. But I'm so glad you dragged my slacker bones over here. This is just beautiful!

I hope you'll find the new design an inspiration. I know I got a boost when I moved to Wordpress and saw I could design my own top banner from my garden pix.

I LOVE the new design. Whenever someone changes their blog design I am totally prepared to hate it, and hate getting used to it, but this one is GREAT. Truly. Fantastic job.

I love it! Congrats!

The redesign looks great. I'm glad you enjoyed Sunstone and that I got to meet you in person and attend one of your panels. I had a fabulous time myself and I hope I'm able to attend more than one day next year.

Hey everyone--thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you like the redesign and hope you'll be back.

I really like it, all except for the google ads, which are kinda creepy.

Wow, Jana, I'm kinda taken aback A) that you are so disturbed by my fairly unobtrusive and easily ignorable effort to earn some money, and B) that you think it's appropriate to announce that.


Well, when I saw them, they were all for LDS-related products or dating services. I find that creepy (not the fact that there ads, but that they are Mo), even though I don't begrudge you for trying to make money off your site. FWIW, I have two rather unobtrusive and weird text-link ads on mine that generate all of $20/mo for me.

But given that I use google-reader, I won't ever see the ads again so I suppose it doesn't matter.

As of this exact moment, both my side columns and all my extra content have suddenly disappeared, so perhaps the universe is informing me that it finds the google ads creepy as well.

Anyway, thanks for explaining. I did find the comment strange until you specified that it was the specific ads rather than the general endeavor.

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