The Vamp Ass Buffy Really Kicks


Rebecca was good enough to send me the link to this Buffy/Edward mashup, which I cannot stop watching--it's so satisfying! I posted it on my Facebook page (I should admit that I've gotten over my earlier Facebook ambivalence and now really enjoy it), as did half a dozen of my friends. But those of you who aren't on Facebook deserve to see this too, so here it is, in case you've somehow missed it so far.


I'm glad you've gotten over your Facebook ambivalence! And I'm glad you like the video.

I'm glad I got over my FB ambivalence too, because it really is fun! And the video--well, the video is sheer genius.

Thanks for posting this video! What fun. And I regret every moment I ever thought that SMG is not a good actor -- it's wonderful to watch her in comparison with someone who is so entirely wooden.

Here's a Cat and Girl comic about Joss and polkas.

Glad you enjoyed it, Spike, and thanks for the Cat and Girl comic! As it happens I like to polka a lot myself--how can you not see the fun in the dance Deborah Kerr and Yul Brenner do in "The King and I"? But I think Joss has a better chance of redeeming himself that the polka making a big comeback.

One of the students in my programme sent this clip to me today, and in the post there was a link to a Guest Blog at WIMN's Voices written by Jonathan McIntosh about the clip and why he made it.

Hi Spike--I've gone too long without thanking you for this link. It was an excellent piece, and very useful. Thanks.

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