But What About the Food?


You've got to check out this slideshow of very weird theme restaurants in Taipei.

I'd comment on the photos in some way, but the fact of the matter is, I'm speechless.


Eh, restaurant gimmicks don't do much for me, and that bathroom one is just wrong. But I do want to say that my two-week, five-city tour of Taiwan back in 1997 or so was perhaps the biggest culinary adventure of my life, with a perfect mix of eating in people's homes and in restaurants. I totally loved it. Taiwan has some EXCELLENT restaurants, and I was blown away by the shopping too. I haven't traveled elsewhere in Asia, so I don't know Taiwan compares, but it sure made America seem staid and boring in so many ways.

I have heard about the toilet theme restaurant in Taipei, and as I told a friend friend from Taiwan, don't even think of taking me there if I come and visit. ;-)

Kitty burgers...ewww. That is just wrong.

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