Was It Good For You Too?

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As is often the case, there are LOADS of things I want to blog about. But a combination of other obligations, plain old sloth, and momentous events, has interfered with my timely fulfilling of my duties as a blogger.

The last few days I have, of course, been busy observing world and US history being made. (Does anyone know: has any other western country ever elected a black man to serve as president or prime minister or whatever its highest office is?) I had to watch crappy, slow live feeds of speeches and parades; and I had to cry, and be happy, and watch other people cry and be happy. Then I had to read and listen to analyses of the speeches and the crying and the happiness.

That has all been really important and felt really good. But at least as important has been following Obama's earliest actions once he as assumed the office of president. I'm really heartened and excited by the closing of Gitmo, and the repudiation of anything resembling torture, and all sorts of things our new pres has done.

And I've also had to learn more about the horrible, horrible things the Bush administration did. No doubt we're going to find out that as bad the stuff we knew about was, there was a bunch of other stuff that was WAA-AAY worse.

For instance, the scope of unauthorized governmental spying on innocent American citizens, just 'cause the Bush administration felt like spying. This interview with whistleblower Russell Tice on Keith Olbermann's show last night, for instance, left me speechless.

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They must have named Twitter after Bush, particularly the Twit part. Very very frightening (me) stuff.

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