Numb3r the Songs


Via Dale I learned of a very cool playlist compiled by Splotchy.

I missed the deadline by a LOT, but if I had been able to submit suggestions, I would have included

88 Lines about 44 Women The Nails
1959 Sisters of Mercy
3 Strange Days School of Fish
6'1" Liz Phair
2cv Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
The 15th (Originally by Wire, covered by Fischerspooner)
1000 Umbrellas by XTC

And of course, 99 Luftballons by Nena, even though someone else already put it on their playlist, because it is my all-time favorite song about the end of the world. I even like it better than 1999 by Prince.


That was a fun list, even more fun with your additions. I really love Wire. My own and only addition would be 1 2 X U.

cool addition, Spike. thanks.

I couldn't believe how many 'number' songs I had in my playlist. You should watch the skies for Splotchy's next music mix challenge. He does them semi-regularly and it's always a great way to hear what everyone else comes up with. Yours of course were brilliant.

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