Why I Love Keith Olbermann


Keith Olbermann is often considered a partisan hack, because he mercilessly mocks stupid conservatives like Bill O'Reilly. And recently Ben Affleck did a bang-up job of doing a send-up of him on Saturday Night Live, and made him look ridiculous. But I dig him. He's tall, and has that prematurely gray thing working for him in really attractive ways. And, every so often, he says something like this, about why our country needs to embrace gay marriage:


Holly! Thanks SO MUCH for posting this! I knew he was going to say something about prop 8 last night so I recorded the show, but I hadn't yet had a chance to watch it. This is really eloquent.

Also, I'm trying to just get the word out in every way I can - there are hopefully going to be huge protests all across the country this Saturday, so anyone who can should join in and/or pass the word along!


Wow, Holly, thank you. He sure hit the nail on the head.

Caught this on YouTube, it was a magnificent piece.

thanks for the link, Rebecca. I hope people do join the impact.

And as much as I love KO, I think I'm going to have to back off on watching him every night on the web before I go to bed. All this speculation about what is going to happen in Obama's cabinet isn't NEWS, it's guessing. And I don't have time for that now that the election is over.

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