The Worst Thing I've Heard in a Really Long Time


Well, McCain did it: he wanted to enrage people, and he succeeded. Check out this piece from the Huffington Post, scroll down to the second audio bar, and listen to the horrible, horrible phone messages left on ACORN voice message systems by McCain supporters. There's a very surreal quality to the messages, with the recorded electronic voice of this woman saying, "Next recorded message" after a long string of obscenities and death threats.

But at least when you visit the HuffPo you can see a slide show of Sarah Palin's outfits, culminating with a shot of her looking like shit at the grocery store before she was named McCain's vp candidate. It's worth looking at, as is a slide show of her bad blush and this video montage of her hair:

p.s. I realize that posting stuff about Palin's appearance is a cheap shot, but that's what people who don't love America tend to do.


Words fail me regarding the audio clip. Also about the hair.

Tonight I heard on the news that Palin spent $150K on a makeover and wardrobe since she became the VP candidate... this is remarkable considering the fact that her tax stuff for last year showed her family income to be about $100K.

Guess they're eating ramen now, like the rest of us.

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