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I was totally weirded out by most of the "Hitler memes" mentioned in the NY Times story on people adding new subtitles to the freakout scene in Downfall.

As I've mentioned, I respected ("liked" isn't the right word) the movie and thought it did a good job of showing what monsters these people were. So I felt strange watching parodies where attitudes that would not have been Hitler's, but were instead other people's, were attributed to him. Whereas in one single parody, the very last one mentioned (and you have to do some searching to find it), Hitler remains Hitler, and is concerned about his reputation as Hitler. That one made me laugh.

I've embedded it below, in case you were too lazy to follow all the links yourself. Watch it now, before the company that made the original movie has it removed from the internet for copyright violation.

Adolf Hitler Is A Meme - Watch more free videos

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