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The Only Legal Way to Cancel Out Your Neighbors

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fucking genius.

It's Funny Because It Isn't True, But Could Be


In Case You Were Too Lazy

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I was totally weirded out by most of the "Hitler memes" mentioned in the NY Times story on people adding new subtitles to the freakout scene in Downfall.

As I've mentioned, I respected ("liked" isn't the right word) the movie and thought it did a good job of showing what monsters these people were. So I felt strange watching parodies where attitudes that would not have been Hitler's, but were instead other people's, were attributed to him. Whereas in one single parody, the very last one mentioned (and you have to do some searching to find it), Hitler remains Hitler, and is concerned about his reputation as Hitler. That one made me laugh.

I've embedded it below, in case you were too lazy to follow all the links yourself. Watch it now, before the company that made the original movie has it removed from the internet for copyright violation.

Adolf Hitler Is A Meme - Watch more free videos

Everyone should watch this--especially anyone still thinking about voting McCain:

What Makes Democracy Work

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This composite video of unscripted interviews with conservatives explaining why they are voting for Obama made me cry--with pride, with joy, with grief, with hope for my country. You need to read the commentary from Eric Hirshberg, pointing out that "an open mind" is what makes democracy work, but the video is pretty darn great in and of itself.

You can see more interviews at Conservatives For Change.

The Worst Thing I've Heard in a Really Long Time


Well, McCain did it: he wanted to enrage people, and he succeeded. Check out this piece from the Huffington Post, scroll down to the second audio bar, and listen to the horrible, horrible phone messages left on ACORN voice message systems by McCain supporters. There's a very surreal quality to the messages, with the recorded electronic voice of this woman saying, "Next recorded message" after a long string of obscenities and death threats.

But at least when you visit the HuffPo you can see a slide show of Sarah Palin's outfits, culminating with a shot of her looking like shit at the grocery store before she was named McCain's vp candidate. It's worth looking at, as is a slide show of her bad blush and this video montage of her hair:

p.s. I realize that posting stuff about Palin's appearance is a cheap shot, but that's what people who don't love America tend to do.

The God Off


You have GOT to watch "the god-off" on The Colbert Report from Tuesday, October 21. It starts at about 9 minutes. "the Word" section before it ("Fantasyland" is the word) is pretty damn great, but given that I've written about God getting his ass kicked, it's the "god-off" that really caught my attention.

This story in the Guardian, about how a TENTH of the $700 billion bailout for Wall Street is being spent on payouts for the people who brought us the bank failure, PISSED ME OFF for so many reasons I can't name them all.

I recently had to listen to a Mormon woman who has voted Republican for 50 years complain about the way these horrible rich bankers and stock brokers are taking these massive payouts, and retiring. I wanted to say, "Why are you complaining? This is the trickle-down principle in action. This is what you've endorsed and voted for all your life." But I didn't.

The Neo-Con VP Battles

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I don't know what's more upsetting to me in this article from Scott Horton on how Sarah Palin became the nominee for vice president: that she's on the ticket because of the support of the deceptive fuckwit Bill Kristol (who predicted at the end of June that she'd get the position), or that Karl Rove's choice for vp was Mitt Romney. I mean, I knew MR was a scumbag, but enough of a scumbag that KR would support him? That I didn't know.

Update 10/20/08: The New Yorker has a much more thorough article on how Palin got the pick--check it out.

It's All Right There on His Facebook Page


Unlike the debates, this won't completely nauseate you. McCain went first, but Obama was way funnier.


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