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Because so much rests on this election, please make this video as widely available as possible.


GREAT video. I wish the MSM had cajones, even one pair that they could pass around and borrow... but as they stand, they're pretty worthless as far as facts and stories - they go for sales and shock.

McCain is a rich and filthy, dishonest and distorted, out-of-touch and war-mongering, pig.


Sorry to post here ... can't find a "contact me" button anywhere to email you, or an "about me" page to give me the basics! Here's my burning question: Did you ever live in Pinole?

Hi Diane--

No, I've never lived in Pinole--I had to google it to find out what state it's in. It's true there's no "contact me" button and I don't post my email address, but I'm happy to get queries and messages likes your in the comment section any time.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am a lurker on your blog and was wondering if you would be willing to promote a blog campaign aimed at building Obama’s volunteer base. You can read about it here: Thanks!

Yes we can!

Hi Nutmeg--happy to help. Thanks for posting the link here.

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