The Sign Outside My House


Recently a sign appeared outside my house. It looks like this:


Of course this sign was preceded by an earlier sign, one that said "For Sale." The fact that the first sign was up for a mere month before the "Sold" sign was posted made me REALLY happy.

The fact that there has been this signage outside my house helps explain, I hope, why I haven't been as prolific a blogger recently as I've at other times in my life--OK, I've posted a lot of entries, but they've been short. Because, you see, there's been painting going on. And regrouting. And selling furniture. And lots and lots of cleaning. And getting the hell out of the house so complete strangers can walk through it and look at my stuff.

But that is all over, and I'm moving--soon. Which means posting may be even more sporadic until I get where I'm going and get settled.

Wish me luck!


So, do you think St. Joseph helped?

See you when you surface!

Happy trails and happy landings!

YAY! This is a tough market (or so I hear), and I'm so glad things worked out for you! Are you staying in the same general area, or are you moving far away?

Congratulations and good luck with what's coming next!

Congrats! I know I'm late, but who cares. And yeah, where ARE you going?

Who gets you now? Are you going to become a Canadian?

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