Once More Into the Falls


Yeah, selling a house and moving takes a lot of time, but not so much time that if a friend flies into the area, you can't drop everything and head to a nearby natural wonder, particularly if it's something as awesome as Niagara Falls. Having already written about why I dig the falls, I'll simply post these awesome pictures of me and Saviour Onassis on our recent trip to them, without going through all that again.


SO shows you the view.


Here I am on the border.


I look sweaty and slightly uncomfortable here--I was--but I like this photo because I have a rainbow coming out of my head. Cool!


Here's a nice big rainbow to make you smile (because who doesn't love rainbows almost as much as they love pretty unicorns with flowing manes?).


And there's the rainbow's end.


Maybe that rainbow is going into your head, not coming out of it!

Hey, weren't you supposed to tell me when you were heading there? I was there a couple of weeks ago myself. It looks practically the same! Wait, the mist is arranged differently. Hope you had a blast.

Hi Juti--

I'll take any form of interaction between me and rainbows, because they mean hope or something like it, right?

Yes, Dale, we were supposed to call you, but we forgot. We looked for you everywhere.... We must have just missed you.

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