Someone Who Really Should Be Named Joy


I know I'm being the laziest blogger in the world lately, but hey, I'm busy. And at least I'm interrupting my laziness from time to time to bring you headlines and videos some of you might not have seen already. Like this. Which is awesome, and made me cry, with the discussion of looking at pictures of ourselves taken we were 13 years old:


What a fantastic video! What a fantastic girl! I totally want to be friends with her. And I wish I had that kind of confidence. Over and over I'm reminded - by people like her - that beautiful people aren't always confident, but confident people are ALWAYS beautiful.

I'm sorry, this is not precisely on point for the theme of the video but I heard another wonderful example of "staircase wit" on the radio recently. Humphrey Lyttelton, a real icon in British culture and especially for the BBC, recently passed away. Among his many talents, he was the chairman of the Radio 4 program "I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Clue." Stephen Fry recently presented a tribute to him on the radio and Humph told the story of going to Glasgow, where he was interviewed by someone who was taken by the range of his interests. The interviewer noted that Lyttelton was an expert "orthinologist." He said that he only thought of the correct reply as he was driving back to London: that he was not so much an orthinologist as a word botcher.

Hi Rebecca--

I agree with you: Joy is beautifully confident and confidently beautiful, and one of the things that makes her so amazing is that she wants to help other people feel the same way. I need more friends like her; I want to be a friend like her. I hope you looked up her other videos on youtube; they're very cool too.

Hi Spike--thanks for the info on and links about Lyttelton. One more bit of anglicana I'd never heard of but am glad to know about now.

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