Yogurt: What Else Could a Woman Possibly Need?


I found this on Salon's Broadsheet--it's too good not to share. It's "'substitute for human experience' good," at least for "the class that wears gray hoodies," sporting the "'I have a master's but then I got married' look."


Thanks, Holly! I about wet myself laughing. Thank god there are products marketed to us for that, too!

Can I escape the MA/married look if my hoodies are hot pink and black and I only wear them to work out?

Beats tampon commercials, don't you think? ;-)

Oh man. That is hilarious, and a wee bit disturbing. Apparently we women are a bunch of yogurt-eating dumbasses, according to marketers.

Oh, and for an in-depth look at the filming of the Jamie Lee Curtis/Activia commercial, check this out:


Hi everyone--glad you enjoyed the clip. I admit I watched it about six times and laughed every single time.

Mary Ellen, I think the color of hoodie you wear makes ALL the difference.

Mr. N, I don't know if it beats tampon ads--after all, aside from the occasional nosebleed (ala "Sex and the City") men have no use for tampons, so it's not quite so annoying when they're targeted right at women. Whereas all human beings, regardless of gender and the number of hoodies in their wardrobe, could conceivably eat and enjoy yogurt.

LG--thanks for the fake Activia ad. I admit I haven't tried poop-inducing yogurt yet.... Not that I'm not interested in the benefits it provides; I just think there are probably products that do a better job with that than yogurt.

"It's who serves yogurt at their wedding good!" I'm a little embarrassed that I never thought of that while watching the commercial (which I HATE. The white girl is so perky that I'd really like to shove that yogurt up her nose).

Just one more thing to make me glad I don't have cable -- but this was hilarious!

I have a degree and am married -- I don't think I have a hoodie... am I missing out?

"The white girl is so perky that I'd really like to shove that yogurt up her nose"

Snorting yogurt? Hmm.......you could start a whole new health craze that way...... ;-)

Hi Rebecca--I'd never seen the commercial until I saw the critique of it, so I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure I would be too busy just sort of reviling the whole thing to notice that it's weird to be eating yogurt at a wedding. Though I do have to say: If the perky one doesn't want to catch the bouquet, shouldn't that be easy to manage?

Hi Juti--I don't have many hoodies, and the ones I have are other people's cast-offs. I like how the look, but I hate how they make my hair tangle if I wear it down. I'm convinced they're a bad idea, actually.

I don't know about snorting yogurt, Mr. N, but then, I don't like anything up my nose but oxygen, and, under very controlled circumstances, a little warm salt water

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