The First Day of Spring Where I Live


Looks like this:


So if you live someplace where it's already green and bright; if you've already spotted those early harbingers of spring, crocuses, dainty but brave; if you've already seen a clump of sunny daffodils; if you've already been caught by the seductive, sweet scent of hyacinths (one of my very favorite flowers, of spring or any season); if you're already noticing the prim, proper appearance of tulips, whose petals remain close about their nectar, modest and protective no matter how bright their exteriors until they suddenly become frowzy and blowzy when summer's almost here; if you're already living with all that, well, all I can say right now is

Bite Me.


(chuckling) It's rainy here today, but we've got a couple of more snows to get through before spring really gets here. Wise gardeners here say that the first day you're probably not going to have any more frost is June 1, maybe.

The only tulips I'm seeing are the ones in the pot on my kitchen table.

Speaking of the "seductive, sweet scent of hyacinths," a friend of mine was playing cards at the kitchen table, and the hostess decided it was getting stuffy and so opened the window. "Maybe we'll be able to smell the blooming flowers," she said.

A while later, one of the men turned to the hostess and said, "Mmmm, I just caught a whiff of your bush."

We had snow today too. My kids were all disappointed because they'd learned in school that it was supposed to be the first day of Spring, and they were looking forward to watching bees getting nectar from flowers.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one suffering through lousy weather--and Chris, that story is priceless.

Yeah, the weather sucks, but, at least it was a real winter this year. If there is one thing that I hate, it's when the thermometer bounces up and down more than.....oh, well, I won't say what....;-)

I would rather it stay cold throughout the wintertime. It makes me appreciate spring, summer and especially the fall even more.

BTW, I took the plunge......

Oh brave new world, that has such things in it.....

I second that emotion. I broke up with winter a while back and now see how useless a restraining order really is.

Congrats on the blog, Mr. N--I look forward to reading it!

Dale, if you want a restraining order against winter, you need to move where it can't get you. That worked really well for me for years.

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