Stupidest Flesh Wound Ever


Yesterday I was fiddling with something in a cabinet under the counter and I stood up a little too quickly and a little too close to the counter top and scraped the skin off the bridge of my nose. It bled--copiously, profusely, excessively. I have to wear a band-aid across my nose, and it looks really dumb. It also feels unpleasant--it's much worse to have a sticky piece of plastic on your face than on, say, your finger or elbow.

And when, after trying to stop the bleeding, I went back to the kitchen and finished what I'd been doing, I found the bit of skin still clinging to the counter top.

In other words, yuckiness abounds.


Oh, what are you going to do, bleed on me? ;-)

Glad you're ok.......

Ow! Eeuww. That sounds like it hurt.

OUCH! And believe me, the shame of this type of wound is always worse than the wound itself. My idiot dog jumps up on me all the time, and since she is enormous as well as idiotic, she sometimes scratches my face. Currently I am sporting a large scrape SMACK in the middle of my chin. I tried to wear a bandaid over it for a day or so which then irritated the skin where the adhesive touched now I have a kind of rash around the scrape. I feel your pain.

Eeuww. Total CSI moment there with the skin on the edge of the counter bit. Oy. Hope you're healing nicely. (And yes, I'm delurking. I've continued to read your blog, but I've been really lax about commenting. Nothing but lame excuses abound.)

Hi Everyone--thanks for the sympathy. Yes, the wound hurt, but Wendy's right: the worst thing about it is the shame. It's such a dumb way to hurt yourself, people with bandaids across their noses look dumb. So why am I advertising to the world that something so dumb is going on in my life? I guess I hope that by sharing the shame, I'll have less to keep for myself.

Go and rent "Chinatown." It'll make you feel better -- or at least like a kindred spirit to Jack Nicholson, which is what we're all after anyway, isn't it?. You can also make up exciting stories about a fight in the faculty lounge. There's no shame in head-butting a pinheaded academic and scraping your nose on the bridge of his glasses, or something.

Why do you insist on writing sexy posts like this only? I can't figure you out!

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