JS on "the Speech"


In case you didn't see it:

For the record, Obama's my man. I am praying he wins the nomination.... And lately I've been thinking about what else I can do besides requesting that vague powers somewhere in the universe help us put the right person in the White House, particularly as Pennsylvania has one of the few remaining primaries. So when someone from the Obama campaign called me yesterday and asked me for a donation, I gave it, and asked for a volunteer packet as well.


I'm a Hillary supporter myself. I think that Obama has been hyped up to be something he's not....

Whereas I think Hillary has been portrayed as exactly what she is: a self-serving opportunist who supported the war in Iraq because she didn't have the courage to oppose the Republicans. I will never forget or forgive the sight of her clapping while Bush made his speech explaining why we would go to war. Obama, on the other hand, opposed the war. Say what you will, he's at least not a moral coward, and Hillary is.

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