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What a useful film. Where do you find these?

By the way, we had about six inches of snow yesterday, and we're covered with ice out here. Just so you won't feel lonesome.

You may be interested in attending the High Falls Film Festival here in Rochester. Its primary focus is women filmmakers, and has garnered a good reputation on the film festival circuit.

Hi Juti--I get the films a variety of ways: some I find on other websites; some I get because someone sends me a link; some I go out looking for; and some I just stumble on.

Some I post because I really want to share, and some I post because I'm too busy/lazy to write something more substantial.

Thanks for the suggestion, Mr. N--I'll check it out.

Hi Holly, I'm trying to catch up a bit with your blog. Sorry for the long absence.

I just read an article( you might have already seen) on women filmmakers in the Middle East from The Independent that seemed a propos.

Interesting story, Spike--thanks for the link.

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