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Today is the birthday of my two favorite writers: Jane Austen and... ME!

You may well roll your eyes and think I'm arrogant for announcing that I'm my own favorite writer, but one of the many reasons I love Saviour Onassis is for the way he taught me to value my own talents. Someday I will tell the story of how Saviour Onassis convinced me that I should always say I am my own favorite artist, but in the meantime I will tell you the story of one of the coolest presents I have received this birthday, namely, this:


That's right, it's a Jane Austen action figure! I have wanted one ever since I read an entry on Robyn's blog about how she got one from her father. My dad usually leaves gift buying to my mother, so I knew not to expect anything from that quarter, but mercifully one of my sisters obliged me.... (Actually my siblings have been really good to me this year--I got all kinds of stuff! But that's going to be another post, I hope--I have so many things I've been meaning to blog about.) You can see the box in front of some flowers a friend sent me--I love getting flowers but it's just not something most people send. (Including me, now that I think about it.) You can also see my cat checking out a bit of the greenery--there's something about these particular bits of foliage that freak her out.

Here's Jane out of the box and not quite in action, in front of my (alphabetized) copies of her work:


I had a very early Barbie as a little girl, one that had I never played with it or taken it out of the box, would be worth thousands today. But I was four or so when I got it--of course I took it out of the box and played with it, though I never did intentionally destructive things like draw on it or cut its hair. It occurred to me after I ripped the box of this action figure open that maybe I was supposed to just leave it in its box, but I wanted to handle the figure.

Turns out this version of Jane is wielding a quill like a weapon.


She's also kind of hot... I don't know if the real Jane was this curvy, but I do know Regency fabric didn't drape on the body the way this doll is depicted.

Anyway. What I would like from you is a birthday greeting, whenever you happen to read this message. I don't care if it's a week or two or three from now, please say hi! In fact, I will accept birthday wishes on this message up until December 15, 2008.



Gassssp!!! I can't believe you took it out of the box, don't you know they're worth much more if they are MIP (that's geek-speak for "Mint In Package"). I am, of course, feigning this flabbergastedness, and I know you mentioned that you were aware of this fact, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the picture of her out of the box (and before I read the rest of the post) - so I had to start with that.

That is very cool, I had seen one in the summer and immediately thought of you (seeing that you are the only person whom I am aware is a Janite).

As for Jane "wielding a quill like a weapon" - the pen IS mightier than the sword. haha

Not sure if I am actually the first to post a comment wishing you Happy Birthday or if you just hadn't gotten around to accepting the other comments you might have received (after all, there are certainly more entertaining ways of spending one's birthday), but there were no other commments here when I wrote it - so it feels like the first, so - Happy Birthday, Holly!! May you have many more happy days to come.

Happy Birthday, Holly!! You are da' bomb diggity!

My Jesus action figure is still in the package but if Jane gives you any trouble, let me know and I'll unleash his gliding action (he's got his own wheels) on her. He also has poseable arms which I could rig with my Faith Enhancing breath spray if need be.

Saviour Onassis is a wise man, where the hell is he anyway?

Happy Birthday Holly. You will always rock me more than the fake Queen people did!

So, the quill IS mightier than the sword after all...

Happy, happy Birthday darling Holly! You know, as favorite artists go, you are pretty freaking high on my list and always will be. I adore you and wish you the very best on your Birthday...

And as for the doll, I think that it is very cool. In fact, I am quite jealous of it. I want Regency fabric that drapes that magically! Keep wielding your quill, darling.

Be well,
Your friend:
Saviour Onassis

As someone whose life has directly benefited from your writing, I'm very happy to wish you a wonderful birthday!

It's a funny cultural difference between our English-speaking societies - Jane Austen could never be an action figure on this side of the Atlantic - she would simply be a doll...

I hope you have hours of fun with her and that your birthday holds some other wonderful surprises. I can guarantee the celebration will continue for a while as my present is still on its way...

Here's one of the things I love about the alphabet: Woody Allen next to Jane Austen.

The action figure is just too cool! I saw an Einstein action figure in Montreal not long ago. The box listed several superpowers; it was very amusing. Does Jane dash patriarchal prejudices with her superpowers? Does she oblige suitors to accept that impertinence is liveliness of mind?

Birthday hugs and cheers to two of my favorite artists!

Happy Birthday!! and I can't think of anybody who deserves sharing a birthday with Jane Austen more than you.

I can't believe you didn't already have one of those action figures. I love the little writing desk, too. She can also grip the book like a weapon.

Happy belated birthday! And yay for getting your very own Jane figure. :-D

I always take my action figures out of their boxes. How else would one play with them?

Happy birthday, Holly.

In the art of blog, you're tops with me.

Hi Everyone--thanks so much for stopping by to wish me happy birthday!

RK, I think I'm enough of a geek to want both a Jane action figure in the box and out of the box--especially since they cost under ten bucks. That way I have the whole business covered.

Dr SV, thanks for stopping by!

Dale, I would love to let your Jesus figure take on Jane. She probably wouldn't do much but mock him mercilessly later.

As for where SO has been.... He went and fell in love, ran off to Hawaii with his new boyfriend, then moved in with the guy and is far too busy being happy to blog. I'd be happy for him about all that first part, if he just hadn't blown off his duties in the blogosphere, but at least I got him to show up to say hi to me!

Matt, I think part of the joke with this action figure is that it's called an action figure. I'm not sure I'd want a mere Jane Austen doll that badly, but I HAD TO HAVE the Jane Austen action figure.

Spike, the box doesn't list any super-powers, just states that her weapon of choice was her pen. I don't know that she's a super-hero, just a super-talent.

Juti, I'm definitely the last kid on the block to get this one. But at least I got it eventually.

Revena, thanks for telling me about the action figure in the first place.

Jagged, welcome. I am always happy with a lurker de-lurks to say hi.

Thanks for reading, everyone!


Oh, I'm way late, but I hope you had a completely AWESOME birthday! With that Jane Austen action figure I can't help picturing her as the main character in a Saturday morning cartoon with an awesomely cheesy theme song.

Happy belated birthday! It's the same day as my brother's; you'd think I'd remember it. Love the Jane Austen action figure. I'm imagining her in some awesome dioramas--Jane chopping through the jungle, rock climbing, battling evil, etc.

This definitely beats my Book of Mormon action figures.

The Kid had to pick a work of classic Victorian British literature to read over the holiday break for English class. Jane Austen was one of the choices. He went for Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. I guess he's a boy.

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