The Difference a Day Makes


Here's what my porch looked like a mere 48 hours ago:
My cat was so happy to sit in front of that door and watch all the excitement of my backyard. Bunnies! Birds! Chipmunks! It was great.
You can see Dinah playing jungle cat in this one. A bunny took up residence underneath a hosta just on the other side of that wall--it made Dinah nuts.
This is where I hung out all summer. It was great.
This is what it looks like now:


The plants are happy to be inside. The cat is not. She keeps demanding to be let out, but when she sees what the porch is like, she gets upset and comes back in. I sorta feel the same way.


Egad, that'd disapointing!! Me mum's porch in NE Ohio underwent the same annual transition: during th' summer it was the veritable heart of the house, but in winter, it looked like some sort of ancient ruin.

Whoo, don't THAT make me nostalgic??

We had snow show up uninvited here too but thankfully, the sky opened up and washed it all away a day later. If ever I was to thank God, it might be for that.

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