I Wish Bush's Claque Would Spontaneously Dehisce


Yeah, I've been a lazy blogger lately.... I've been busy. I've been writing a lot--had a lot of deadlines to deal with, for entities that print my writing on actual paper. I've also been just sort of trying to be, you know, creative, in the ways writers are supposed to be. One form that has taken is playing with poetry again. In particular, I've been toying around with word lists, something I used to use a lot while I was working on my poetry MFA to generate new material. I haven't used them much of late, but I'm remembering why I thought they were cool: it's because there are just so many cool words. Like dehisce, which means to burst open, particularly what a plant does when it blooms or when its pods open and discharge pollen or seeds or whatever. Or claque, a group of people paid to applaud a performance; professional sycophants. How can you not want to use those words?


How do you do a word list? Sounds fun, even for historians like me.

What a perfect excuse for not writing here! If only I was doing the same, instead, well, I'm not. Maybe I should hire a claque to spur me on?

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