Itty Bitty Shoes


Long, long ago, when I went to Toronto and saw We Will Rock You with Dale and stayed in the room with the giant blue bathtub, I also visited the Bata Shoe Museum where, I bought these spiffy souvenirs:


The one in the middle is, as you can tell, a key chain pendant. The one on the top is, as you probably can't tell, a hammer: the heel is weighted so you can use it to pound nails, though the friend who visited the museum with me bought one too and said it broke almost as soon as he got it home, when his toddler dropped in on the carpet, so it probably won't work well for hammering nails. The one on the bottom has no function at all; it's just a pretty thing I admired, which, after all, is what Oscar Wilde said is what art really is.


That play was the worst. I hope you're over it. I'm not

Maybe it's for hammering finger nails? Come back and we'll throw it at the We Will Rock You kids, they keep extending the run!

The WWRY kids deserve to have every last tool in my tool box hurled at them, given what tools they are....

I can't believe it's getting enough good press that it didn't have to shut down.

Oh well. Some people like torture.

Nice souvenirs. I love the dramatic beauty of high heeled shoes.

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