Bourgeois Rap


I found the link to what is probably destined to be my all-time favorite rap song on The Egalitarian Bookworm (who also provides a pretty fabulous send-up of Becoming Jane which I haven't seen and probably won't see until it's out on dvd because it's not playing where I live because I live in a city in a ditch). Anyway, this rap song is so funny I can't believe there are references to it everywhere on the web, but there aren't. Anyone know anything about this? Not much turned up when I googled it.

Later.... a smart friend provided me with this article, which led to website for The Heist--but even there, you don't find many references to the song.


Just saw Becoming Jane the night before last.
Charming and bittersweet biopic. Fabulous costumes. Beautiful actors, good acting, sharp script, gorgeous photography.

I would highly recommend it if you like costume dramas, etc.

Yo, that s*#t was mutha f@$kin' tight! It was cold gettin' stupid and I busted a gut y'all.

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