Avocados Again


I love avocados. I love them just about every way I've tried them. I love them in guacamole and milkshakes. I love them in this very easy appetizer a woman from Japan once served me:

Slice an avocado into thin but not-too-thin segments. Fan out on a plate. Douse in soy sauce, then sprinkle liberally with freshly ground pepper. Provide toothpicks for spearing.

I also love them in sandwiches. When I lived in Iowa City, home of the marvelous New Pioneer Co-op (which was only one of the many reasons it was much easier to be an almost-vegetarian there than in NW PA), I liked ordering the vegan Rock & Roll Avocado Tofuwich (scroll down to find this sandwich). I tried recreating this sandwich myself, and made an acceptable substitute. And then I just started making avocado sandwiches.

Currently my favorite sandwich is this:

Avocado and Jam Sandwich

two slices wheat bread
raspberry jam
one half of an avocado
white cheese of your choice; I used swiss for a long time but currently prefer a nice sharp cheddar

Spread the raspberry jam on one slice of bread. If you want to melt the cheese, put it on the other slice. (I melt the cheddar but didn't melt the swiss, mostly because the swiss came in big slices but the cheddar I buy comes in little wedges and the slices fall off the bread unless I melt them.) Mash or slice the avocado up and spread over the cheese if melted or on the other slice of bread if it's not melted. Sprinkle cinnamon liberally on the avocado. Smash both sides together and eat.

The flavors are all fairly strong but they blend together well. It's really good. I think I'll make one right now.


In Australia, one of my favorite sandwiches was avocado mashed onto this really good wheat bread they had, along with Vegemite. That salty-savory Vegemite complemented the avocado extremely well. Damn, my mouth is watering now...

And by the way, my wife has adopted your avocado recipe as her own.

I am way behind in posting comments on your blog entries...

This recipe actually sounds quite good. I think I'm gonna have to give it a try. And given that I just got back from Penzey's Spice store in Rockville, MD, with some Vietnamese cinnamon, I'm definitely going to have to give it a try!

Thanks for the recipe. And for the video of the Dickster. What an ass. I hate that man. And for participating in the book meme. Your choice of book and sentence was fabulous!

Hi Chris--

I don't know that I've ever tried vegemite, but I'm guessing that the yeasty-salty goodness of soy sauce is somewhat similar, and I have to agree, that it's a nice complement to the smoothness of the avocado.

Hi JM--

Glad you like the book meme entry. You'll have to let me know what you think of the sandwich.

Mmmmmmmm. I gotta show this recipe to my husband. He'll want to use the swiss cheese.

One of my favourite avocado-based sandwiches uses

thinly sliced avocados, thinly sliced apples, thinly sliced strips of carrot, mature cheddar cheese slices, lettuce and hummous on one side, mayo on the other, all between a nice fresh ciabatta roll or on hefty wholemeal bread...my, my, my!

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