Mustard Yellow


Last time I posted a picture of shoes, I wondered why I don't buy more colorful shoes. And then, the other day, I was shopping and I found some mustard yellow shoes marked down from $80 to $10.

I thought, huh. Mustard yellow.

It used to be one of my least favorite colors in the world. I didn't like yellow or orange or earth tones in general. But then, about ten years ago, I decided it was stupid not to like a color, because it deprived me of pleasure. So I set about cultivating an appreciation for earth tones. And now I like orange just fine.

Mustard yellow I'm still not all that crazy about...but the shoes were really cool, and they were only ten bucks, so I got them. I'm wearing them even as I type, and they look like this:


It's really hard to photograph your feet at any angle except straight down, by the way. I wanted to show off the nice wedge heels, but it was hard.


Great shoes! You could wear those with just about anything. Good eye!!

Cool shoes Holly! Now we have seen yellow, blue (on June 12th), red (August 31/05), and the really funky green pair (September 19/06). Are we going for the whole rainbow ?? I suppose your acceptance of orange may lead you in that direction. Personally, I can't wait to see Indigo and Violet. :)

I feel I should not neglect the two terrific black pairs on December 19 and September 14, 2006 respectively, but they did not fit with my "rainbow" theme above.

Happy shopping!!

P.S. I've always felt a kinship with earth tones; I own several t-shirts of both mustard and orange. I wear the orange ones regularly, but now you have made me want to go re-discover the glories of mustard yellow. Thanks.

LOVE them! Also, you have nice feet.

What I love is the red nail polish next to the mustard yellow... It shows you are a classy lady ;-)

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