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Sixteen months ago, I included a map of the states I'd visited, and it looked like this:

But as of last week, the map of states I've visited looks like this:

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That's right--I've done some traveling, and added three more states to the list of those I've visited, bringing the total to 41. A year ago I went to Alaska on a cruise with my family; and I spent most of the first half of July in Massachusetts, which I had never visited before, and made a day trip to Connecticut, which was another state I'd never seen.

There will be more about my trip in the future, but I wanted to explain why my posts have been uncharacteristically brief.


Welcome back Holly. That's some impressive map. Anywhere you haven't been and would really like to? (USA or the world)

Hope your trip was enjoyable. Looking forward to reading more about it in your posts. Take care.

With regards to the US, RK, I'd like to visit every state I haven't been to yet--I'd like to see all 50, at least once.

As far as the rest of the world goes, I'd like to see the other great deserts. I have always wanted to go to Kenya, and I really want to see Australia too. It will probably be a while before I make it to either.... but I'll probably do Australia first, because it just seems easier.

I'd like to put in a plug for another great desert: the Atacama desert in northern Chile. It's sometimes described as the driest place on Earth. It is pretty stunning: intense landscape, so inhospitable that I saw a burro that had died and the exposed part of its body was stripped to the bone while the underside was perfectly preserved. It gets the moisture it gets from fog that rolls in off the ocean, which leaches saltpetre out of the soil and makes little stalagmites in the open air. I was standing in a ... you wouldn't call it a field because there was no vegetation, just this open sandy spot in the early morning when the sun was hitting and the moisture was evaporating and the desert made exactly the same sound that ice makes on a frozen lake. It was unnerving, it made me feel like I was in danger of falling through. A remarkable place on the planet.

My sister loved the Namib desert, in southern Africa, where she saw lions on the beach on the Skeleton Coast.

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