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Today is Canada Day, which has nothing to do with me, aside from the fact that I like Canada, but then, I like a lot of countries, and I don't always know when their nationalistic holidays are. And it's not like I'm going to display a maple leaf today, or find a hockey game to watch. I like to celebrate Canada Day quietly, in my heart.


Hey, thanks from us Canucks. (And thank-you for not ending a sentence with "eh.") Imagine my surprise to find a posting for Canada Day so early on the day. What the hell is anyone doing up this early on a Sunday. I guess that goes for me as well. Anyway, as one of your friends north of the border, I couln't resist posting a comment on this entry. And in a reciprocal fashion, have a happy 4th on Wednesday. :)

You've found me out, RK: I planned ahead. I wrote the entry last night before I went to bed, and scheduled it to be published at 7:01 a.m. on 7/01. So I could have slept til noon and this post still would have been there bright and early.

As I'm pretty sure you quite like Belgium, I can tell you that its National Day is July 21... you can celebrate by having some Belgian chocolate and some Belgian beer... which I think you will enjoy also!

I do like Belgium, Matt, and I will happily celebrate its National Day in just the way you propose. I'd also be happy if you'd provide me with more details--what's the significance of July 21, how is the day celebrated in Belgium, etc. Inquiring minds want to know, and they don't want to look it up themselves.

I just note in passing, we just missed the jour de Fête Nationale du Québec -- 24 Juin, La Saint Jean Baptiste.

I missed reading your good wishes on the day but felt them in my heart quietly Holly, thanks.

Belgium's National Day celebrates the occasion when the first King of the Belgians, Leopold, took his oath as King. I think that's a little boring, so if it had been up to me, Belgium's national day would have been the first night of the Belgian Revolution which took place at the opera in Brussels, and it was in August. I love the idea that an opera sparked a revolution; I think it says a lot about who and what the Belgians are.

With my style of national day we could all celebrate by going to the opera, maybe even outdoors, whilst eating our chocolate and drinking our beer... But it was not to be.

A note of warning: enjoy Belgian National Day while it lasts because Belgium's days as a nation are numbered...

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