Bad Pet Humor


What might erupt in your face if you jiggle or upset it?


Dinah might!

(OK, I know that's a terrible pun, but really, I couldn't resist.)


Why do we always qualify the noun "pun" with the adjective "terrible"? I love puns and this was a mighty one!

I would have been powerless to resist as well so there should be no shame.

Holly, you are so punny; you're a Dinah-mo. If one was in New England, one could eat chowdah in a Dinah. Okay, that last one may have been stretching it but I, like you, could not resist.

I can't believe she didn't blow up at you for that.

Dinah is so pretty!

Still laughing at that one.
I'm in agreement with Spike. There are no bad puns.

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