His Big Gay Belgian Wedding


By the way, remember that wedding in Belgium I mentioned attending? I never said who got married, because I wanted to write all about it. And I did write all about it--I wrote a great little piece which I sent off to the NY Times Modern Love column, because it's edited by a friend of mine who asked me several times to write something he could use. So I finally did, and wouldn't you know, it never even got a response.

I'm not going to post here the essay I wrote, but I will post something I didn't send the NY Times: a photo, of me with my dear friend Matthew, one of the grooms. That's right: the wedding I attended was a gay wedding--and not just a commitment ceremony either, but an actual, valid, legal ceremony performed by a government official and recognized by the state, without any nasty judicial challenges or threat of constitutional amendment to render it invalid.

And not only did I attend the ceremony, but I took part in it: I was one of the legal witnesses--in other words, I was one of the "best people."

I'm including a photo of me and Matthew instead of Matthew and his husband because Matthew has already appeared on my blog, so I figure he's fair game. As for the partner, well, I don't want to invade his privacy. But they looked fabulous together and I was very, very happy and proud to be part of their wedding.

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You remind me of my sixth-grade English teacher. That is a compliment. She was AWESOME.

Wow, a recent picture of the ever elusive (or seclusive) Holly! I've been wondering when one would pop up again.

You ARE one of the BEST PEOPLE! Enough said.

Glad you like the photos, guys. Thanks for checking it out.

Love is such a good thing.

Red is definitely one of your colors.

Clearly, you're one of the best people. And now I won't have to make you wear a big red flower to spot you in a crowd! Nice post.

I just want to say that Holly was the perfect Best Woman - on the day as well as before and after. She was the perfect hostess to my family whislt I was busy picking people up from airports and train stations, she looked glamourous and responsible on the day and she gave a beautiful, moving, perfectly nuanced speech at the dinner that everyone will remember for a long time. Then later in the evening she danced all night and I was assured that there were a handful of straight men at the audience who won't forget that in a while, also.

I could and would never have done this without Holly and I'm happy to say that on her blog - but then all of you know how wonderful she is!

Thank you Holly.

I'm so pleased you would say this here, Matt. Thanks again for giving me the honor of witnessing your wedding.

That is so great! I had a prof 4 or so years ago now and she and her partner were one of the first couples to get married in BC. She showed her wedding pictures in class as part of her lecture and we all cheered and congratulated her. All I could think was that it was about time. What is more universal than love?

All I could think was that it was about time. What is more universal than love


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