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Here's why I've hardly blogged at all this year: a few people, working both individually and together, set out to make my life as miserable as possible. While they didn't succeed as well as they would have liked, they succeeded far better than I would have liked. Eventually the harassment became so bad that something official had to be done, at which point there was all kinds of trouble and I was offered some sort of restitution. It's actually kind of a nice deal but I would have simply preferred not to have had to deal with so much shittiness.

I stopped blogging not only because I was often busy and distracted dealing with all that nastiness, but because one of the ways these people tried to hurt me was through my blog. I'm not sure exactly what their goals with regards to that were, but at one point I considered deleting the whole thing and doing my best to erase my presence in the blogosphere. But I didn't, and I'm glad, both because I like my blog and because I don't want to succumb to that kind of intimidation.

Blogging, as we all know, involves not only writing your own blog, but reading and commenting on blogs you admire and enjoy. I'm sorry that as part of my withdrawal from blogging I also stopped reading blogs, but frankly, it hurt to read everyone else's blogs when my own felt so vulnerable and unsafe.

Before all this happened I was doing pretty well, both in terms of maintaining my own blog and keeping up with the blogs I enjoy most, and I'm confident that I can manage it again. I can only hope now that having failed in some of their primary objectives and faced some unpleasant consequences themselves, the assholes who were after me will leave me--or at least my blog--alone. In any event, it's summertime, and the living is easy. In addition to pleasure reading on my back porch, sewing, quilting and gardening, I plan to blog, because like sewing, quilting and gardening, blogging is a kind of "work" that is rewarding in multiple ways: the activity itself is fun, and then you get this great product as a result.

And that's really sort of all I can or want to say about that, so on to other topics.


Glad you're through to the other side (mostly), and I hope you enjoy a healing summertime that becomes evident with new blooms of blogging.

I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!! !!!!!! The extra exclamation points are because I'm extra glad. Apparently in an exclamatory way. When my dad was a university professor he had a similar thing happen to him. It sucked. I think an appropriate punishment would be to tie them to chairs and force them to watch Seventh Heaven all day, every day. Who in the WORLD watched that show for eleven seasons?!?!?

Excellent that you're back Holly, you've been missed, you actually fell off my blogroll but I'll be adding you right back.

I've missed your posts. Hope everything goes more smoothly for you from here on out.

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