One More Reason to Love Joss


As if there weren't already so many, many reasons to love Joss Whedon, latest on the list is his speech at Equality Now, discussing his responses to the question he is invariably asked: "So, Joss, why do you write these strong women characters?"


That was pretty damned worthwhile Holly! And I still haven't gotten around to Buffy. There's an inequality in my dvd viewing apparently.

Dale, it's not so much an inequality as it is a shortcoming. Dig in, dude; even if you're not convinced by the first season, by the end of season 2 you will not look back.

P.S., Holly, thanks for the video here. Joss also makes a pretty good public speaker.

Good point Spike. I will try and be a better person through Buffy and St. Joss. :-)

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