My Shower Curtain's Right


Here's what I'm told every single morning, via my shower curtain:


I admit, I don't always believe it. I admit, sometimes I want to believe it but know better. And sometimes I find, to my flat-out amazement, that some things really are all about me.

Take, for instance, the answer to the acrostic on page 68 in the April 29, 2007 issue of the Sunday NY Times Magazine. I learned, thanks to an email from a friend, that the various answers combine to reveal a quotation from one of my essays, the title of the essay the quote comes from, and my name.

I don't subscribe, so I had to track down a copy and work it for myself. Turns out she's right.

If you get the Sunday NY Times and haven't already sent the last Sunday's off to be recycled, check it out youself. Remember: the first five words in the clues spell out


It's the strangest bit of recognition my writing has ever received. Once I got over being astonished, I've been flattered beyond belief.


That is so beyond cool! It IS all about you!

Shoot, I'll bet even Walt Whitman couldn't claim that bit of fame! Is this the big time, or what?!

This reminds me of the time I got a letter published in "Harper's" and did not find out about it until a friend told me.

How did you get my shower curtain? I'd go over hill and over Dale to hit the Times like that.

Holly, that's simply great that you are in the NY Times in such a fashion. You'd think they'd have to ask first, wouldn't you?

Regardless, I love it.

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