Accumulations Less Than One Inch


According to the websites of both the National Weather Service and the Weather Channel, my town has received six-tenths of an inch of snow since the beginning of February.

Now, I know that when you shovel snow out of something like your driveway, you end up with drifts on either side of it that are taller than the actual amount of snow you've received. Still, even if you double six-tenths of an inch, so that there would be one and two-tenths of an inch of snow in my lawn, I still think the websites are wrong. Because this does not look like an inch and two-tenths to me:


And it sure as hell hasn't FELT like an inch and two-tenths the last few days, when I've shoveled my driveway upwards of three times a day.



So you're the person Aerin saw shoveling her driveway three times in a single day!!! ;-)

I've been trying to figure out how they could possibly come up with that figure. My first thought was with the Mars lander that crashed because the engineers mixed up their metric and English measurments, but that couldn't explain this discrepency. My first winter in northwestern Pennsylvania, almost ten years ago, had about 168 inches of snow, if memory serves. I have to say -- it looked a lot like that.

What's all this talk of an angry inch my friend?

Ugh. The snow from last Wednesday is still here and it's all gross and dirty, and it's that super hard kind of snow that's almost as slippery as ice because it doesn't really give when you walk on it. Nasty stuff. That would be so cool if you could melt snow with your gaze.

I have never seen so much cocaine in my life!

I hate shoveling snow. Hate it hate it.

I agree. That's no inch. And I laughed out loud at Dale's comment.

I've been hanging around this page for about a week and I figured it was time to stop lurking and say hi. So... "Hi!"

I've read so much of it now, that I no longer remember what inane google search first led me to your page; but whatever it was, whatever I read, made me want to read more. I would click a link within the passage I was reading to see the reference it led to, or just read the next chronological entry. At some point, I clicked on the historical archives to find the latest entry, which was this one. As it was already a week old then, I thought it would be somewhat less than ideal to leave a comment on it since it was not directly related to the topic. I figured I would just wait until a future post so I could write something relevant. In the meantime, I could continue to scour the archives for other posts which I could be assured with some certainty, based on what I had browsed already, would be either insightful, entertaining, or excruciatingly hilarious (and most had all three attributes).

In the course of my surfing this evening, I came across some comments back in October concerned about your lack of posts for some time, after which you responded with "What I Did on My Brief Hiatus." I found myself similarly concerned at this time but having devoured enough to know that you get quite busy leading up to your Semester Break, I'm figuring (hoping) that's what it is.

In reference to some of the posts that caught my attention (or jostled my humerus): I am a fellow connoiseur of Guinness (there aren't that many of us this side of the pond), and was delighted to see that you enjoy an occaisonal Amaretto Sour (my cocktail of choice, but only if the establishment is serving di Saronno - I loathe inferior imitations), I have worked as a "Bar Tender" (as you eloquently inferred, making sure that the bar was comfortable and didn't walk away) and I make a mean Cosmo, I love Monty Python's Holy Grail (as well as their other efforts) and many things British (I'm a bit of an Anglo-phile). I share somewhat your distaste of bad grammar and syntax; though I'm not perfect myself, I strive for constant improvement. (I hope I haven't broken any rules too badly; have I employed these semi-colons correctly ? I tried to absorb your lesson on their usage.) Like another commentor, I enjoy the word egress, and try to put it to good use whenever the opportunity arises. I had the same realization about microwaves, and am constantly cooking for 66 or 99 seconds.

To the topic of this entry - I have shoveled enough snow in my life to know that I would not miss it if I never had the opportunity again. However, I have become quite adept at it over the years and obviously agree with you that this must be more than six tenths of an inch.

I remember reading somewhere in my journeys through your entries that you wanted to hear from people who share interests or enjoyed the site. I seem to have rambled on quite a bit but I wanted to thoroughly display how much I have enjoyed your efforts. I have found your site, your prose and verse, and by extension you, utterly fascinating. I hope all is well with you and hope to see a fresh posting when you are able. Until then I will continue to make my way through the wealth of material I still have yet to read. If you are interested in corresponding directly, I would welcome the opportunity - please use the e-mail address I have provided.

P.S. I'm not sure whether my entire comment goes automatically to the site, or whether you are able to edit it before posting. If so, please feel free.

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